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Aims of the groups

  • To improve adults siblings’ wellbeing and resilience
  • To empower adults siblings to be advocates for their brothers and sisters
  • To support adults siblings in the transition to more involved roles in the brothers’ and sisters’ care and support as their parents get older
  • To give adult siblings a voice within services for carers and disabled adults

We only include groups on our website that follow the Sibs group charter principles

About the facilitators

The groups are facilitated by adult siblings who have volunteered their time and who are members of the group also.  They have attended Sibs’ group facilitator training. The role of the facilitator is to make contact with new group members and to help everyone in the group talk about sibling issues and share information with each another. Facilitators cannot offer one-to-one support if you are in crisis – please contact us instead.The facilitator will need help from you as a member of the group with things such as finding free meeting space or publicising the group.

Current groups

Register your interest in attending one of these groups below and the group facilitator will contact you with the details of the group meetings and locations. We do not publicise the locations of group meetings on the website in order to ensure that only siblings who have registered come to the meetings.

Are there groups in other areas?

We would love to see adult sibling support groups running across the UK and we can help get these going if we have volunteers to facilitate them.

We provide training and support to siblings who want to facilitate a local group. If you would like to facilitate an adult sibling support group in your area, please read Facilitating an adult sibling support group and if you feel this is right for you then do get in touch.

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