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What does the role involve?

This is a volunteer role. You will be sent written information, by email, at intervals throughout the year. You will review and give feedback on this.

What’s the time commitment?

The commitment is flexible and is spread out throughout the year. If you can offer an hour a month on average, that would be ideal.

How does this help Sibs?

Our reader panel helps us to make sure that our website and written resources:

  • Are relevant and helpful
  • Are easy to read and access
  • Reflect the diversity of the needs of the people we support

What is it like to be part of the reader panel?

“I joined the reader panel because I’ve benefitted from Sibs’ work and it seemed like an easy way to give back. I’m used to reviewing similar things at work so it seemed like an obvious way to use my skills. The assignments are easy to fit around other commitments – usually not taking more than 20-30 minutes – and there is plenty of time to respond. Reading through the advice and experiences has made me feel less alone as a sibling and given me more information about support for me, too, so although I thought it would be something I could give as a volunteer, there’s a lot I get back from it too. Being a carer can be busy, so I really appreciate the opportunity to learn more whilst volunteering for Sibs.” – Adult sibling reader panel member

“I have been part of the reader panel for a few months now, and have already gained so much from it. It is definitely not an overwhelming time commitment at all, and it’s very interesting to get some insight into the process of creating web pages and how to present the information. I grew up benefitting from the Young Sibs webpages, and as an adult it is very rewarding to play a part in helping other siblings access practical and emotional support.” – Adult sibling reader panel member

I’ve got questions…

We’d love to hear them! Email any question, big or small to,



You can give feedback on this page here.