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National Siblings Day 2021: Jane

  My sister, Mary Kaye, was born with cerebral palsy (CP). She has had a number of other health complications throughout her life which can go a long with CP. I am 70 years old and Mary is 5 years younger than I. Two brothers fill out our family of 4 children.  In our family there … Continued

National Siblings Day 2021: Shamini

The day my sister was born, I had no idea this tiny baby would become the most important person in the world to me. Nearly four decades later, we are soul mates.  As children, we could be silly together but we were too different to enjoy the same things. That all changed when I took … Continued

Coronavirus: Esther and Judith – “Both our disabled brother and mum needed care during lockdown, so we divided the responsibility between us”

We are Esther and Judith. We’re sisters to our brother, Jonathan, who is autistic and has a learning disability. He has a weekly routine of activities and supported training placements. In March, the café he works at closed, and the rest of his activities, including all social and sporting groups, were cancelled. This left Jonathan … Continued

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