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Books for adult siblings

Non-fiction Brother. Do. You. Love. Me By Manni Coe and Reuben Coe (2022); Little Toller Books Siblings: Brothers and sisters of children with disability By Kate Strohm (2014); Wakefield Press Read our sibling review.  (Earlier version also available: Being the Other One: Growing Up with a Brother or Sister Who Has Special Needs’ by Kate Strohm (2005); Shambhala … Continued

Jools – “I’m coming out, I know who I am. A sibling.”

An extract from “The Sibling” by Jools Abrams (currently out on submission) Epilogue: Blackpool It is the first day of October, two days shy of my brother’s fifty second birthday, when we find ourselves on holiday again, the first without our parents, and the first time we are sharing a room since childhood. We are … Continued

Adult sibling book reviews

“A sweet tale of sibling love, told without sentimentality” Summer BrotherBy Jaap Robben, translated from the Dutch by David Doherty (2021); World EditionsReview by Pam Foley, adult sibling. Teenager Brian comes from a dysfunctional family; his parents are divorced and he lives with his conniving father in a trailer home, located in a remote Dutch … Continued

Manni – “Becoming my brother”

Above: brother.reading. from Little Toller Books on Vimeo. My youngest brother Reuben, who has Down’s Syndrome, suffered a breakdown 4 years ago. It was a form of regression that locked him into himself. After two years of moving between my parents and partner´s homes, as we were trying to get him better, he moved into … Continued

Alan – “A journey to make sense of feelings”

“The Search for Still Waters is about one sibling’s journey to make sense of his feelings around the life and death of his sister, who had severe cerebral palsy. Aoife couldn’t walk or talk and her condition was little understood in 1980’s rural Ireland. When she passed away in 2011, her brother Alan was left … Continued