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Siblings and new beginnings

Siblings and new beginnings

Siblings will be starting to go back to school soon and although it will be good to catch up with friends, things might feel a bit different too. This might be because you have enjoyed being away from school in the holidays and found life easier in some ways or you feel that your parent has become used to you helping out and will struggle without you.

This time of year might also mean that your brother or sister is starting a new school or residential placement. Maybe a brother or sister who you live with is going away to university or college. This might feel hard because

  • you are worried about how they will get on
  • your brother or sister also helps to look after another member of the family so you will have to do more if they are not there
  • You will not be able to speak to them or spend as much time with them

There are things which you can do which might help

  • stay in touch using social media or email, with the help of a parent
  • write them a letter or send a postcard
  • talk to a parent or teacher if worry is making school life hard

It’s also really important to take care of yourself and be kind to yourself. Have a look at our pages on Mental health and wellbeing. You’ll get ideas on how to look after your mental health which is really important for everyone.

Let us know how you get on going back to school and how things have changed for you.