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Siblings and living in a different house

Siblings and living in a different house

Siblings sometimes can’t live in the same house as their brother or sister who has a disability, illness or health condition. This might be because their brother or sister lives

  • at a residential school or college
  • with a different parent
  • with a health condition which means that they have to shield
  • with a foster carer or family

Even though they understand the reasons why, we know from siblings that this can be really hard and that it can make them feel sad when they miss their brother or sister. There are some things which can help such as

  • writing a letter, postcard or posting a photo to your brother or sister
  • texting or emailing to keep in touch
  • asking a parent to help you to arrange a video call
  • making a countdown calendar to  the next date you will see them, visit them or phone them

If you are feeling sad about not seeing your brother or sister, make sure that you tell somebody like a parent or teacher – siblings tell us that it can help them to share their feelings. Do you have any ideas about what you can do if you are missing your brother or sister? Get in touch and let us know what life is like for you and remember that you are not alone.



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