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Siblings and helping

Siblings and helping

This week we’re talking about how you might have to help to look after your brother or sister more at the moment. This might be because the people who normally help you can’t get to your house, activities are cancelled or your parents are extra busy trying to home-school as well as do the things that they normally do.

It’s great if you enjoy helping out but we know that siblings can also find it difficult when they have to do lots of extra care. You may feel annoyed, fed up or angry too. All of these feelings are normal and it’s OK if you’re finding things hard at the moment.

However, it’s also important to remember that what is happening now won’t last for ever. Things will get better and you will be able to leave the house, see your friends and have fun! For now, talk to a parent or family member if you’re finding things difficult, chat to friends on the phone or write a letter to YoungSibs. Have a look at our spotlight post on Siblings and staying at home for ideas on what you can do to make time pass more quickly and also look at our pages on Tough stuff at home and Good sibling stuff to see what other siblings think. Remember, you are not alone.

Would you like to help other siblings by sharing your own story? Please get in touch.