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Siblings and feeling sad

This month we’re talking about siblings and what to do when you feel sad. We know from siblings that even though they love their brothers and sisters, it can make them feel really sad when they argue or fight with them. It’s normal to fall out with brothers and sisters – sometimes over really small things – but it can still make you feel sad or stressed. Here are some things to try if arguing with your brother or sister is making you feel sad

  • read our pages on what to do if you are Feeling Sad
  • talk to a parent, carer or teacher and tell them that you are finding things a bit hard
  • Do something which makes you happy – draw a picture, stroke a pet or listen to some music
  • write to our sibling advisor if you need some help

Do you have any special things you do when you are feeling sad which help to cheer you up? Get in touch and let us know what life is like for you – remember you are not alone!

Would you like to help other siblings by sharing your own story? Please get in touch.