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Siblings often have difficulties in school because of their sibling experiences. Sibs Talk Lite has been specifically designed in consultation with siblings and school staff, to help your school support siblings.

“I was always academically capable but would tell teachers that I felt a few steps from being sucked under by a tidal wave. They thought I was talking about schoolwork, when I talking about life more generally. This was not seen as the cry for help that it was.” Ruberta

What is Sibs Talk Lite?

Schools have told us that they are struggling to meet the wellbeing and health needs of all pupils.  Siblings of disabled children are an often overlooked group of students whose specific needs are rarely addressed. Our new free resources will help schools open-up conversations in PSHE lessons, small group work as well as whole school assemblies. Teacher guidance notes are provided along with the new resources. Teen Talk – Teacher notes

Sibs Talk Lite Resources

Adult siblings have shared some of their experiences of life in secondary school – you can read them here.

We would love to hear how you have used these resources in your school, do share your feedback with us on email, here

Sibs has provided these resources for FREE in recognition of the crucial role schools can play in the lives of siblings.  If you are able to make a small donation to support the production of these resources – you can donate here.

If your school would like to adopt Sibs as their charity or hold a fundraising event for us – do get in touch with us at