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Key statistics are:

75% say that their sibling child’s mental health has worsened in lockdown
50% of siblings are providing more care
1 in 3 siblings are feeling isolated and missing the support of family and friends.

What parents said:

“Doing it alone. Having a child that needs 24/7 care and another that is getting nothing. I’m exhausted, they are bored and left alone too much while I deal with the house and the complex needs.”

“I have found it so difficult to give my child the attention and supervision they need. I have found it hard to sit down and teach them, whilst looking after my severely disabled child, they are dependent on me for everything. I constantly feel like I’m telling my child to wait all the time.”

“Being with her brother 24/7 and having to deal with his meltdowns, screaming, aggressiveness. Watching him self harm every day and he attacks her daily (hair pulling). She has begun to worry about him a lot.”

“Hearing his sister scream all day.”

“Bearing the brunt of his autistic brother’s temper.”


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