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This training is for:

Professionals who would like to set up a new sibling group (who have experience of working with children in groups) and sessional workers/volunteers involved in groups

Purpose of the training:

To equip participants with enough information, activities, and confidence to set up a sibling group for children aged 7 upwards

Participants will gain:

  • A clear rationale for running a sibling group
  • Information on how to structure a sibling group
  • Recreational and discussion activity ideas for your group
  • Information on good practice for sibling group leaders

NB This is a practical training course which will include taking part in simulated group activities, games, and discussions. Whilst there will be a small amount of theory around why it is important to run groups, the course is designed so that participants get to try out the activities that they will use with the children. The course is aimed at the people who will be doing the actual groupwork with the children, rather than service managers or researchers.

Participant feedback

Gives confidence to run a group, full of tips, knowledge and ideas, F Swaby, Families in Focus

Brilliant. Insightful, fun and informative, Amy, Autism East Midlands

Fabulous – a must do, Ceinwen Pritchard, Ty Gobaith House Hospices

Like the way the training was very participative and had lots of games, Lorna Fennick, WDC Young Carers

Full of interesting ideas that makes me feel excited about setting up a sibling group

Lots of practical activity ideas that don’t cost money!

Given me the confidence to know I will be able to lead a group

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