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Why is National Siblings Day important?

Siblings who grow up with a disabled brother or sister often spend a lot of time coming second (or third or fourth…) to the needs of another. Their day-to-day life may centre around their brother or sister’s routine and their abilities. It can be challenging to share time with parents and some siblings may be helping out more around the home or with caring tasks.

As adults, siblings may have the longest-standing relationship with their disabled brother or sister across the lifespan, beyond that of care providers, professionals and other family members. Siblings are often advocates for their brother or sister’s needs whilst juggling a work and family life of their own.

Many siblings enjoy and value the unique connection and relationship they share with their brother or sister. National Siblings Day is a wonderful opportunity to shine a light on the value of sibling relationships, to highlight what an important role siblings play in the lives of their disabled brothers and sisters and to celebrate siblings in their own right too.

What happened last year?

Last year was our biggest National Siblings Day yet with a reach of 37.4 million across social media, a 270% increase on the year before! We had lots of siblings sharing their stories, photos and memories and becoming part of our sibling community.  Lots of young and adult siblings got involved in events and activities run by and promoted by Sibs.  We hope that this year’s event will be even bigger and better!

How can I get involved?

Our theme this year is #ItsaSiblingThing #NationalSiblingsDay2024

  • Young siblings, we would love you to get involved in the day and let us know your #ItsaSiblingThing. Tell your school about the day and ask them to join us in raising awareness of siblings.  We will be running free art session for young siblings on Saturday 13th April. We would love to hear how you will be spending National Siblings Day.  Join in by trying out our activity packs for young siblings which you can find here. You can also enter our book draw to win a copy of Sammy Rocket! 
  • Adult siblings, be sure to share on social media with snippets, stories and photos. What’s your favourite childhood photo? What made you both smile or laugh when you were kids? Tell us your #ItsaSiblingThing and join the conversation. Download our Workplace Pack for a poster to share in your organisation, a Zoom background to use throughout April, and more! Join our Thrive workshop with sibling and life coach Charlotte Flynn and discover how to juggle thriving in your career whilst being a sibling too (event now passed). Check out more ideas on how to recognise the day here – whatever your sibling situation. Want to meet other adult siblings? Join an online support group here. Love connecting over Facebook? Be part of our private Facebook community #Siblife here. Don’t forget to enter our free draw for the chance to win a copy of or Lego Family Tree.
  • Parents, National Siblings Day is a perfect opportunity to show your sibling child how much they are valued. Why not share the sibling moments that have made you proud, when you see the amazing qualities your sibling child has developed and what makes their relationship with their brother or sister so special.  Check out more ideas on how to recognise the day here and download our parent packs and young siblings packs on this page!  Enter our free prize draw for the chance of winning a sibling book or lego set. 

  • Organisations, charities, professionals and schools, we would love your support in raising awareness of siblings of disabled people! Let us know how you plan to celebrate, whether it’s with a classroom session, a sponsored event or sharing on social. We really appreciate you taking the time to recognise and acknowledge siblings on this important day. We have activity and action packs for workplaces, schools and organisations.  Get involved! We have National Sibling Day giveaways – remember to enter!

Join us on social

Make sure you’re following us in your favourite way to stay in touch with the conversation and the lead up to the day:

On Wednesday 10th April, we’ll be using these hashtags: #NationalSiblingsDay2024 #ItsaSiblingThing

Donations and fundraising

We greatly appreciate all donations and fundraising efforts, especially during such difficult times. We are the only UK charity dedicated to the needs of siblings of disabled people and we provide support across the lifespan – from young siblings to older adults.

If you’re planning a bake-off, sponsored star jumps or a 24-hour TV challenge – please get in touch – as we’d love to say a huge thank you. You can set up a Just Giving sponsorship page here.

You can become a Friend of Sibs for £24 a year by signing-up here or you can make a donation of any amount – however small – here.

‘As a young carer, you feel under constant pressure. I know my sister needs constant supervision: I understand her different needs, and I love her with all my heart, but it can be scary. It can feel like the world is on your shoulders. I worry about her future and I feel like I have an extra layer of worry.’ – Rose, aged 13

“I feel like I have been on an emotional roller coaster with Frazer all of my life. I often feel he has been given a raw deal but he is happy and enjoys his life and never complains.  I love him and want the best for him, we have a lot of fun together. We have a shared history. I know all the things about him, things that make him happy or sad. I will fight for his needs always.” – Jayne, adult sibling

Thank you everyone!

Sibs would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone that took part in National Siblings Day in 2024. Check back here for more information on National Siblings Day in 2025 closer to the time. We look forward to seeing you again!