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Tyler – Poem: “Dear Connor”

Dear Connor,

I sometimes sit and wonder just how different life would be

if the Gods had made you the “standard” of what a young man should be.

I wonder if you’d be out all day, playing with your friends.

Or chatting up the girls and driving our Mum round the bend!

Would you have a silly haircut just to fit the mould?

Or would you be eclectic – Someone free inside their soul.

I wonder if you’d live at home but spend all day down the gym.

Or would you be more like me and go off travellin’?

I wonder if we’d sit up late and put the world to rights.

Or if you’d have a job somewhere that kept you away at night.

Maybe you’d be a fireman, maybe you’d drive a cab.

Or would you be a bricky and build houses like our Dad.

I wonder how you’d talk to me and what it is you’d say.

Maybe we wouldn’t speak at all or would we talk all day?

I wonder if you’d be proud of all the choices I have made.

I wonder if you were different how could I end up the same?

There is a certain heartbreak when I think of all these things.

These questions keep me up at night, these sombre wonderings…

But the question I don’t have to ask because I know for sure,

is that you are perfection. I love you just the way you are.

x x x


Above: Tyler and her brother, Connor

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