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6 copies of Sammy Rocket by Jess Walker

Sammy Rocket is a delightful story for 3-8 year olds, introducing a family who learn to grow and smile together, as they deal with the challenges and joys of having a child with additional needs. It describes the experiences of being a sibling in a fun, engaging and supportive way which younger children will love.

A great read for younger siblings

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Win a Lego Family Tree

This Lego Family Tree is from the 18+ Ideas range at Lego.  This is a brick-build tree where you can add your own personalised memories.  Usually retails at £79.99 we have one to giveaway.

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3 signed copies of by sibling author Manni Coe

“Reuben, aged 38, was living in a home for adults with learning disabilities. He hadn’t established an independent life in the care system and was still struggling to accept that he had Down’s syndrome. Depressed and in a fog of anti-depressants, he hadn’t spoken for over a year. The only way he expressed himself was by writing poems or drawing felt-tip scenes from his favourite West End musicals and Hollywood films. Increasingly isolated, cut off from everyone and everything he loved, Reuben sent a text message: ‘brother. do. you. love. me.’

When Manni received this desperate message from his youngest brother, he knew everything had to change. He immediately left his life in Spain and returned to England, moving Reuben out of the care home and into an old farm cottage in the countryside. In the stillness of winter, they began an extraordinary journey of repair, rediscovering the depths of their brotherhood, one gradual step at a time.

Combining Manni’s tender words with Reuben’s powerful illustrations, their story of hope and resilience questions how we care for those we love, and demands that, through troubled times, we learn how to take better care of each other.”

A great read for adult siblings.

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