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Podcasts for adult siblings

On your radio Solihull – The South Asian Hour (2023) Adult sibling Monica talks about her experiences of being a carer Autism: In conversation with auticon (2022) Episode 9: Being a Sibling of an Autistic Person Tough topics in LD (2022) S2, Episode 2: Thriving in times of challenge with Charlotte Flynn Shapes of Grief, … Continued

Maura – “I always looked forward to visiting my sister Alison”

Once I had a sister.  Her name was Alison and she was twenty-one months younger than me, the middle child of our parents.  We shared the same straight brown hair and green eyes, different from our younger brother with his blue eyes and blonde hair. Alison and I were born uneventfully at home.  In the … Continued

Alan – “A journey to make sense of feelings”

“The Search for Still Waters is about one sibling’s journey to make sense of his feelings around the life and death of his sister, who had severe cerebral palsy. Aoife couldn’t walk or talk and her condition was little understood in 1980’s rural Ireland. When she passed away in 2011, her brother Alan was left … Continued

National Siblings Day 2023: Sibling strengths

Join us in celebrating National Siblings Day on 10th April – a global awareness day recognising brothers and sisters! This year our theme is #SiblingStrengths and we spoke to three brilliant siblings who told us more about theirs. What are your #SiblingStrengths? What strengths do you admire in other siblings? Be part of the conversation … Continued

Coronavirus: Sarah – “Covid is a very real threat”

  Living through the pandemic coronacoaster has been even more challenging for those of us who have been shielding to protect clinically vulnerable siblings. My brother Dan has Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities due to a rare genetic condition called ATRX. Our younger brother Sam who had the same condition passed away suddenly from sepsis … Continued