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Spotlight on Siblings and Young Carers Action Day 2024

This month we’re talking about siblings and Young Carers Action Day. This year’s theme is about fair futures for young carers and removing barriers. We know that lots of siblings can find life harder for lots of reasons. We have tips on our website for what to do if you struggle at school, want ideas about how to look after your mental health or are thinking about the future.

However, we also know that siblings have a amazing amount of skills and strengths. We know that siblings can be really knowledgable, have talents which other young people of a similar age don’t have, are great at being organised and can be hugely kind and empathetic – siblings are brilliant! Do get in touch and let us know how what you will be doing on Young Carers Action Day 2024.

Would you like to help other siblings by sharing your own story? Please get in touch.