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My brother is going to die soon

Some siblings have a disabled or ill brother or sister who has a short time to live. We know that siblings find this very hard. As well as getting support with your feelings, it is important that you get enough time to be with your brother or sister.

Some things you can do if your brother or sister has a short time to live


Ask your parent to help you do something special and fun with your brother or sister.


Take lots of photos and videos of you together.


Write a diary or make a scrapbook or memory box and fill it with writing, pictures and things that will remind you of your brother or sister.

Even though it was a really sad time, it helped to know that we were spending lots of time together and making memories.

More about understanding disability

Disability and different conditions can be hard to understand. It helps siblings when they get the correct information about what is happening.

Sibling info about disability

Many siblings find it hard to understand disability. Find out about different disabilities and conditions here.

Ask our sibling advisor

Need some information or advice? You can ask our sibling advisor any question about sibling issues.