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I feel angry

It is normal to feel angry with a brother or sister sometimes. Remember – it is OK to feel angry and OK to say you feel angry. However, it is not OK to hit someone or say nasty things to people. When people are angry it is hard to think clearly. It is easier to sort things out after you take time to get calm again.

Some things you can do if you feel angry


Talk to someone about feeling angry – your parent, your pet, your friend or your cuddly toy!


Write about it in your diary.


Draw a picture of how you feel or text a friend about it.


Do some calming activities – lie down and listen to calm music, go for a walk, count backwards from 100, breathe deeply and slowly, have a nice warm bath.

When I feel angry, I go into another room and count backwards from a hundred. It really helps to move to a different place.

More about feelings

It is normal for siblings to feel a whole mixture of feelings and to find some of them hard to deal with.

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Ask our sibling advisor

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