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My brother hurts me

Siblings tell us that they don’t like being hurt by their brother or sister. It is upsetting and sometimes frightening when this happens. It is important to get help. It is not OK to get hurt.

Some things you can do if you are being hurt by your brother or sister


Tell your parent or teacher about being hurt by your brother or sister.


Ask your parent to make a plan with you to protect you from being hurt.


Walk away and go to a safe place in your house if your brother or sister is becoming angry and not behaving.

It really helped me to talk to my mum and make a plan. Now I go straight to my bedroom when he gets angry. This makes me feel safe and also helps my mum.

More about difficult behaviour

Siblings find it really hard if their brother or sister has difficult or aggressive behaviour.

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Ask our sibling advisor

Need some information or advice? You can ask our sibling advisor any question about sibling issues.