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Maura – “I always looked forward to visiting my sister Alison”

Once I had a sister.  Her name was Alison and she was twenty-one months younger than me, the middle child of our parents.  We shared the same straight brown hair and green eyes, different from our younger brother with his blue eyes and blonde hair. Alison and I were born uneventfully at home.  In the … Continued

Amy – “I was a young carer for my disabled sister”

I was 6 years old and my sister, Sophie, was nearly 5 years old, when Kathryn was born. Kathryn was a really easy baby, but when it came to her two year check – things weren’t quite right. Physically she was fine, but she wasn’t meeting milestones mentally and didn’t have any language. That has … Continued

Peter – “We siblings are versatile, courageous and brave”

After the sudden death of a mother, the elderly father reluctantly turned to his son and asked if carers would possibly help with his daughter. A lady who lives with a learning disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, anxiety and mobility issues. His son had spent the past 30 years working within Adult Social Care, to understand … Continued