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Before completing this form you will need to have arranged a training date with our Development Officer for Siblings in Schools on

If your school has already got a partnership agreement with Sibs and your staff have been trained to deliver Sibs Talk you can order additional Sibs Talk packs.

As a Sibs Talk partnership school we will:

  • identify pupils who have a brother or sister who is disabled or has special educational needs or a serious long-term condition
  • improve the wellbeing and engagement with learning for these siblings by delivering the Sibs Talk intervention in accordance with Sibs guidelines
  • ensure that only a member of staff who has been trained by Sibs will deliver the Sibs Talk intervention
  • ensure that the member of SLT who is managing the Sibs Talk project will attend the Sibs Talk training session.

Sibs will:

  • run a two-hour training session for up to 8 staff at your school
  • provide you with a Sibs Talk pack for each sibling – this contains everything you need to complete the intervention including an activity booklet, stickers, and certificate
  • advise you on how to identity these siblings in your school and on how to evaluate the Sibs Talk intervention
  • support siblings at your school through our YoungSibs online service.