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Body feelings

This is a fun activity that encourages siblings to think about their own responses to feelings.

You will need

Large sheets of paper (a roll of lining paper works well), pens or felt pens

How to do it

  • Ask a sibling to lie down on the paper and draw around their body. This can be a group activity with one outline, or you could put them in pairs/small groups to produce lots of outlines.
  • Ask siblings to think of feelings they have and to draw how these feelings affect them in their body e.g. worried – wrinkles on their forehead; nervous – butterflies in tummy, anxious – sweating under arms; proud – holding head up high, anger – volcano exploding from the head.
  • Colour in the body as appropriate to the feeling e.g. red for angry, blue for sad; pink for happy; green for jealous
  • Talk about times when siblings have had these feelings e.g. feeling angry when their brother or sister damaged homework; feeling proud when they or their brother or sister did well at school or sport