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Christmas is just around the corner and things might look a bit different this year. This might be because

  • You can’t visit your brother or sister if they live in a residential or care setting because of Covid restrictions
  • You can’t travel to see family who live a bit further away
  • You might not be able to spend time with friends outside of school

We also know that some siblings can find this time of year a bit hard for other reasons too. Maybe you’ve had to do things differently at Christmas because your brother or sister finds the excitement too much to cope with? Or maybe you feel like they get more attention than you – even if you understand why.

We’ve got lots of useful information on tough stuff at home if you think that you might find Christmas hard.

However, we also know that siblings still think Christmas is a really special time and if you click on the links we have some ideas for how you can still try to to have fun with your family or play games with your brother or sister Do get in touch and tell us about how you and your family plan to spend Christmas this year.

There is lots more information for young siblings on our YoungSibs website