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Jack – Poem: “Making plans for Nigel”

I sat down to write about my sibling strengths and this is what came out. I began thinking about my experiences growing up, and realised a lot of the cringier or more painful memories came from the ignorance of others. So my sibling strengths are being patient when I need to be, assertive if I have to, and knowing how to make my brother feel safe. I’m thankful to Sibs and everyone who attends the meetings for helping me realise I have these strengths.

Making plans for Nigel

He’s a lovely lad
Such blue eyes.
He looks like you, you know?
You’ll be a good brother now, won’t you?
Some of those kids can be so cruel.

He likes Thomas the Tank Engine doesn’t he?
Does he watch it all day long?
He’s not quite like the other kids
With his trains all in a line
Away from the others, playing alone

What’s that thing he does with his hand?
Is he talking to someone we know?
He should get into football
That’ll put him right
In no time, you’ll see.

Oh I thought you said artistic
Well aren’t they super smart?
He’ll probably be a maths whizz
And you can make a few bob
Down the casino!

I don’t care what he is,
He’s bothering the other kids!
He knows exactly what he’s doing
And if he doesn’t
Then he should stay at home

He just needs a bit more experience
He couldn’t really be customer facing
What with the way he…
We’d love to be able to help you here
But there’s really nothing we can do.

He goes all that way on his own?!
Are you sure that’s safe?
There are some really dumb people out there, you know?
What if something happens?
He won’t know what to do

He’s a proud employee, punctual and popular.
He’s a devoted dog owner. An intrepid traveller
He’s fit and strong. Independent and brave.
He’s kind-hearted, polite, gentle and sweet.
He’s my brother.

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