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Turner syndrome is a chromosome disorder. It only affects girls. Girls who have Turner syndrome are usually shorter than average. It also means that they may have some health conditions that can be treated as they get older.

What is it like for siblings if their sister has Turner syndrome?

Lots of siblings get on really well with their sisters who have Turner syndrome. They still have fun and play together. However, girls with Turner syndrome may need some extra attention from a parent, and need to have extra hospital appointments and health checks which can make siblings feel left out or worried.

What causes Turner syndrome?

Girls are born with Turner syndrome. You cannot catch it like a cold or get it when you are older. Girls with Turner syndrome have something different in their genes and this affects how they look and how they develop.

What does this mean?

Each person with Turner syndrome is different. For some girls, it might not be obvious that they have Turner syndrome but in other girls, it is clear when they are young. Girls who have Turner syndrome may have problems with their heart, their hearing or their kidneys.

What treatment is there?

There is no cure for Turner syndrome but girls who have it will take growth hormone injections to help them grow. However, it’s a tiny needle and they soon get used to it.  They will also get lots of help from doctors, nurses, teachers and social workers to help them to look after their health.

This information has been read and approved by the Turner Syndrome Support Society December 2023