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Ruby – “I feel every pain that passes his body”

Ewen is my big brother, he has consumed my life from the moment I entered this complex world. I never recall questioning why Ewen didn’t talk, nor why we couldn’t attend the family meet-up or neighbours birthday party. My pride for my brother has always been in great abundance not leaving any space for potential … Continued

Barbara – Poem: “Glass Child”

‘Glass child’ Apparently I am a glass child, We don’t have any problems and don’t make a fuss. We’re doing fine so don’t worry about us.   Yet in truth every day I felt guilty as my life rolled on. With my school, my friends, my hobbies…while for you there were none.   I sensed … Continued

Articles and blogs for adult siblings

Kelle Salle (2024) ‘I was just 7 years old when I saw my brother laughed at for his disability’ Emma Dooney (2023) ‘My brother is the reason I don’t want kids even though he’s my favourite human’ Courtney H. Van Houtven (2022) ‘Standing up for my sister’ Please note: This article discusses death and bereavement … Continued

Podcasts for adult siblings

On your radio Solihull – The South Asian Hour (2023) Adult sibling Monica talks about her experiences of being a carer Autism: In conversation with auticon (2022) Episode 9: Being a Sibling of an Autistic Person Tough topics in LD (2022) S2, Episode 2: Thriving in times of challenge with Charlotte Flynn Shapes of Grief, … Continued