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Barbara – Poem: “Glass Child”

‘Glass child’

Apparently I am a glass child,

We don’t have any problems and don’t make a fuss.

We’re doing fine so don’t worry about us.


Yet in truth every day I felt guilty as my life rolled on.

With my school, my friends, my hobbies…while for you there were none.


I sensed the angst of my parents.

Yet as a child couldn’t express.

The sorrow and difference of our nuclear family mess.


My story is over 60 years old now.

You were my silent instructor unable to speak.

Yet wondrously able to somehow reach me and teach…


Tolerance and empathy, to stand up for the weak.

Despite outcomes uncertain and when it all looked so bleak.


Hold fast glass child with so much to gain and give.

Your sibling has blessed you.

It’s your right to live!


Be the best for them.

Work through your stuff.

The love for, and of your sibling, will always be enough.


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