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Siblings and Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Siblings and Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week from May 10 – May 16 2021 and the theme is Nature.   Nature can really help your mental health and there are lots of easy things you can do to bring nature into your every day life. Why don’t you

  • Try to notice nature wherever you are – it might be listening to a bird, looking at the clouds in the sky or smelling a flower
  • Take some deep breaths when you’re outside and  enjoy being in the open air
  • Plant some seeds in pots for a window ledge – see who can grow the tallest sunflower!
  • Draw a picture of something in nature like an insect or a plant, or take a photo to put on your wall of a natural object that makes you smile

Get in touch with us at YoungSibs and let us know how you are spending time in nature this Mental Health Awareness Week.


Would you like to help other siblings by sharing your own story? Please get in touch.