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Siblings and bullying

We’re talking about siblings and bullying this Bullying Prevention Month 2022. Bullying can happen to anyone and it is always wrong. Siblings say that sometimes they get bullied at school or online because their families are different or because of how their brothers or sisters behave. They also worry about what might happen if if … Continued

Siblings and cerebral palsy

It’s World Cerebral Palsy Day on October 6th 2018. Do you have a brother or sister who has cerebral palsy (or CP for short)? Tell us what you’ve learned about life with a brother or sister who has CP. What do you do to have fun together? You can tell us on our YoungSibs forum. … Continued

Back to school

It’s September so it’s time for lots of you to go back to school! You might be going back to your old school or starting a new one. It can be fun to go back after a long break and catch up with your friends. We’ve got lots of great new information about school stuff … Continued

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