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I’m proud of myself and my family

Many siblings feel proud about things in their lives. Sometimes this is about the positive things they have done or achieved. Sometimes this about the things their family has done. It is good to think about the things you are proud of.

Some things you can do when you feel proud


Make a list of the things that you have done that you are proud of and show these to your parent.


If you have a certificate for something you have done put it on your bedroom wall so you can always see it.


Ask your parent to tell you about why they are proud of you.

My friends were really impressed when I showed them how communicate using Makaton. Now they want to learn too!

More good sibling stuff

There are many very positive things about being a sibling of a disabled brother or sister to enjoy and be proud of.

Sibling info about disability

Many siblings find it hard to understand disability. Find out about different disabilities and conditions here.

Ask our sibling advisor

Need some information or advice? You can ask our sibling advisor any question about sibling issues.