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Siblings and Mental Health

Siblings and Children’s Mental Health Week 2021

It’s Children’s Mental Health Week from Feb 1 – Feb 7 2021 and the theme is Express Yourself. Expressing yourself is about sharing your feelings, thoughts, or ideas through being creative. This could be through drawing, music, writing, dance, drama or photography. We know from siblings that It’s really important to do activities that make you feel good as this can help you with your mental health.

We have some great ideas for things you can do to help you with looking after your mental health and wellbeing on our YoungSibs website. These include Having Fun with your Family, Looking After Yourself and Playing Games with Your Brother or Sister, We also have ideas on how to ask for help if you are struggling and what you can do to help yourself too. Have a look at our pages on what to do if you feel anxious a lot of the time, or if you think that you might be depressed.

Get in touch and tell us how you express yourself and what you are doing to be creative for Children’s Mental Health Week 2021.



Would you like to help other siblings by sharing your own story? Please get in touch.