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Why are we offering this seminar?

There are an estimated 1.7 million adult siblings in the UK who have grown up with a disabled brother or sister. Adult siblings have experienced a lifetime of their needs coming second to that of another person. They are vulnerable to isolation, and are at risk of anxiety and depression. Adult siblings often self-refer to counselling and ask us whether we know of counsellors who understand the issues they are facing. We are offering this event to support counsellors in their work with siblings and to help adult siblings find counselling services that support their needs. Read more about the shared experiences of adult siblings.

What will be included?

This seminar focuses on the experiences of adult siblings who have grown up with a brother or sister who has a lifelong disability. There will be a particular focus on siblings of people with autism. The seminar will not focus on siblings of people who have acquired a disability in adulthood.

This seminar will be run by Sibs trainers who are experts in sibling issues and experiences. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss ideas. You will leave with a workbook to refer to and a certificate of attendance. After the seminar Sibs will retain a contact list of counsellors who have attended the seminar so that adult siblings seeking counselling can access this. This is not an endorsement of your services. If you would prefer not to be included on this list, you can let us know.

Why attend?

Many adult siblings need counselling to give them space to feel heard and understood, explore their experiences from childhood and build resilience in adulthood. Being a sibling is a unique experience that extends across the lifespan – it needs specialist attention and care. Adult siblings who are seeking counselling will feel more confident in approaching your service if you have attended this seminar.

What will I gain from attending?

  • Recognise the differences between a typical sibling relationship and a relationship where one sibling has a lifelong disability.
  • Better appreciate these siblings’ experiences and perspectives.
  • Feel better equipped and more confident in your work with these siblings.

Who can attend this seminar?

This seminar is only for psychotherapists, counsellors and counselling supervisors who would like to develop their understanding of the issues faced by adult siblings who have grown up with a disabled brother or sister, in particular those faced by siblings of people with autism.

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We have received funding from The Autistic Support Trust to deliver this event and can therefore offer a place to participants at a subsidised cost of £30.

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