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Here are some ideas to help you mark the day, whatever your sibling situation:

  1. First and foremost, do something for yourself today! Siblings are used to coming second (or third or fourth…) to the needs of another. Siblings Day is about YOU!
  2. Acknowledge your feelings. It’s OK to feel proud, frustrated, joyful, angry, appreciative, fed-up and everything in between. And remember that most feelings are heightened at the moment because of the stress of the pandemic. It’s OK to be where you’re at
  3. Share a sibling moment that you’re proud of with a non-sibling friend and help them to understand why it matters to you
  4. Dig out a childhood photo that makes you smile and pop it on the fridge for the day
  5. Write down three things that are completely unique about your sibling relationship, like an in-joke that no-one else would understand
  6. If you can – get in touch with your brother or sister in a way that works for you both. Write a postcard, record a voice message, post a chocolate bar. If you can’t send it – you might find it helpful to write the message anyway
  7. What are your sibling strengths? Take time to recognise all the ways that being a sibling has shaped who you are and given you skills and experiences your peers don’t have
  8. Share the joy on social media. What made you both smile or laugh when you were kids? Tell us your #ItsaSiblingThing and join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn
  9. Call a sibling friend to wish them a Happy Siblings Day! Haven’t met another sibling before? Join one of our online support groups here (including a group for bereaved siblings). You are not alone


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