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The type of things you can do together will depend on how close you live together, how well you get on (as with any sibling relationship), and your brother or sister’s ability to participate in the sort of activities that you enjoy.

It’s hard sometimes combining the needs of my family with those of my brother who has a learning disability.  One activity is a must though, every time we meet up, we take the car through the car wash – my brother and my daughter both love it and gets us all off to a good start with much hilarity about whether the brushes will come through the windscreen and will we all get wet!  None of us ever tire of it!  Clare

Some ideas for sibling time together

Visual activities

  • Going to the cinema
  • Visiting an art gallery or outdoor sculpture park
  • Looking at family photo albums together
  • Bird watching,
  • Playing on Wii
  • Going to the theatre
  • Going to a football or cricket match
  • Sending picture postcards

Touch and movement activities

  • Riding a bike together on a tandem or chair-bike
  • Abseiling
  • Trampolining
  • Swimming
  • Painting
  • Sledging at a snow-dome
  • Dancing
  • Getting a massage or a beauty treatment
  • Pet therapy
  • Jacuzzi

Listening and sound activities

  • Listening to an audiobook
  • Downloading some music
  • Singing aloud together
  • Going to a music workshop together (e.g.drumming)
  • Karaoke
  • Attending concerts and festivals
  • Identifying birds in the garden by their song
  • Recording a family member reminiscing about the past and listening together later
  • Getting free tickets to sit in on a radio or TV show recording
  • Making a best songs playlist

Food activities

  • Going out for a meal
  • Tasting ice-creams
  • Preparing food together
  • Going strawberry picking
  • Food and wine tasting
  • Visiting a restaurant with an ethnic food you haven’t tried before
  • Making juices and smoothies
  • Buying at a speciality food shop together

Smelling activities

  • Visiting a scented garden
  • Buying perfume together
  • Aromatherapy
  • Guided tour of a brewery or chocolate factory
  • Going to the sea