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Ideas for video calls:

  • Catch up over meal times – have a virtual breakfast, lunch or dinner together
  • Sing one song a day together – work your way through a favourite album or playlist
  • Dance or make up your own fitness workout that you can both do, such as chair exercises
  • Buy two of an item (such as bubble mix) and send them one. Over the video call, blow bubbles together
  • Read them a favourite story, or make up stories together
  • If a live call is hard, try recording short videos or sound recordings and sending them back and forth to each other

Ideas of small things to send in the post:

  • Postcard with a word or picture on it that makes them laugh
  • Favourite printed photograph of the two (or three or four…) of you as siblings
  • An item of clothing that might bring comfort, such as a scarf that smells like you
  • Wrap up a favourite bar of chocolate
  • A sensory item, like soft scented hand cream

If you’re both able to, here are some other ideas of free things to do online together:

Research about keeping in touch

We know that many siblings will relate to some of the content in this research report, which includes sibling experiences



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