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Who can sign up?

This session is for adult siblings of someone with a lifelong learning disability. Sibs has gratefully received funding from Learning Disability England (LDE) Grant Pot, on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

What’s included in this session?

In this session, Ray will take us through how to use an app called ‘Book Creator’. You’ll see examples of different things it can do and will have the chance to ask questions.

The session will be held online via Zoom.

How can the app help me?

Book Creator let’s you make an interactive book, with colours, text and images. You can add your own videos, sound effects, speech, songs, noises or web links. It’s colourful and uncomplicated to use.

You don’t have to create a whole book (but you can if you like!). You can make a couple of quick pages to let your brother/sister know about your week. It’s like an interactive letter.

You can send a page or two as often as you like, or if your brother/sister is able to you can create stories together and send them back and forth.

Can you give me an example…?

Send an interactive letter about your week: You could create a page with a picture of a house, a sunshine and a bird. You could add an audio file on the house, so that when your brother/sister presses it they hear you saying ‘I’ve been cleaning the house’, when they press the sunshine, they hear ‘It’s been really sunny here…’, and when they press the bird they hear you making a bird sound.

Send a musical card: You could create a page that says ‘Hello name! Love from…’ in big bright letters, and when they press it, it takes them to a YouTube video of their favourite song or a short episode or clip of their favourite programme.

Send a story: Feeling creative? Make up a short story to send! Or read them their favourite and add your own pictures. If your brother/sister is able to, you can create stories together and send them back and forth.

What kind of tech do I need?

You need a tablet (iPad or Android) to be able to use the Book Creator app.

What you make on the app can be saved as an ePub file. This can be opened and read on most devices – smart phone, pc/mac or tablet will all work – so whatever tech your brother/sister has should be able to receive it.

I’m not sure if I have the right tech or if my brother/sister does…

Don’t have a tablet? There are similar apps available for smart phones and macs/pcs. Whilst it won’t be identical, you might still learn some skills that you can transfer to a different app. You’re still welcome to come along, it might also give you some ideas for other ways to interact over apps generally.

Is it secure?

You don’t need to make an account when you use Book Creator – you just use it on your tablet. So any sound files or videos of yourself that you’re uploading are not saved by the app, they’re just saved on your tablet. Once you’re done making your pages and you save the file, you can then send it by any method that you prefer and feel is most secure – such as email, WhatsApp, dropbox or iCloud.

I’m not sure if the session is right for me…

Don’t worry – you’re still welcome to drop in and give it a try. Got questions? Email

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