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Who the day is for

This event is for any adult sibling who lives in the UK and who has grown up with a disabled brother or sister.

You might have a brother or sister who has:

  • A lifelong physical disability, such as spina bifida or cerebal palsy
  • Or a lifelong learning disability, whether mild, moderate, severe or profound
  • Or Autism
  • Or a combination of the above

We hope that every sibling – regardless of the disability of their brother or sister – will gain something from the day. There are lots of reasons why siblings might attend:

  • You might have worries about the future care of your brother or sister
  • You may have two or more disabled brothers and sisters to think about
  • You may be the main carer for your disabled brother or sister and find it hard to juggle this with your other commitments
  • Your brother or sister may have passed away and you want to meet others who grew up with similar experiences
  • You may not have had the opportunity to meet with other siblings like you before

Whatever your current circumstances – you are a sibling, and you are welcome here.

Purpose of the day

Relax and chat with other adult siblings who have grown up with a disabled brother or sister. Get practical advice and emotional support on sibling issues. Acknowledge the challenges and the strengths of being a sibling.

The day will include:

  • The chance to meet and get to know other adult siblings who have disabled brothers and sisters
  • Solicitor and Sibs Trustee Carol McBride will outline the key mental capacity, legal and financial issues that siblings need to understand when supporting their brother or sister
  • Researcher Nikita Hayden tells us the preliminary results of the recent adult sibling research survey – the first of its kind in the UK
  • Hear from a panel of adult siblings about their experiences growing up with their disabled brother or sister
  • Family consultant Liz Wilson from Dimensions and sibling Annie Fergusson from PMLD link give advice on liaising with professionals that support your brother or sister
  • Help to shape Sibs – contribute your ideas for the next phase of adult sibling work
  • The workshops will close with a mindfulness wind-down
  • Want to keep chatting afterwards? Join us in the hotel bar for a drink, 4pm – 6pm

Ethos of the day

We recognise that it might be the first time you have attended a day like this and you might be travelling a long way too. We hope that you feel warm and welcomed, in this supportive, confidential and non-judgmental environment. This day is about you, and your needs and experiences as a sibling.

At Sibs, you can be reassured that shared understanding is important to us. Your questions and concerns will be heard by participants, staff and presenters who fully understand what life as a sibling is like. We are not able to include parents, relatives, partners, professionals or other carers in this event. It is for siblings only.

Please spread the word about this event to your sibling friends – download this flyer.

Thank you!

We are immensely grateful to the following sponsors for generously supporting this event. This has enabled us to keep ticket costs very low: