Sibling group leaders

Whether you are setting up a sibling group for the first time or have been running groups for many years, this section will give you guidelines and activities to help you run your group

Salt jars

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This is a simple activity that can be used in lots of different sessions. Siblings layer lots of coloured salt into a jar to create beautiful rainbow patterns. The layers of colours in the jars usually represent a theme e.g. things I like about myself, things I like about my brother or sister, things I like about my family. They are a good ending activity to a group and can provide a reminder of the group for many years.

You will need

  • Small jars (pesto/pasta sauce are a good size) Start collecting!
  • Bags of salt
  • Coloured chalk
  • Stickers
  • Newspaper

How to do it

Give the siblings a theme for their jar, depending on the session. Ask them to think of five things and decide on a colour to represent it.

E.G. five things about my brother: he's funny (yellow), he gives me cuddles (pink), he goes fast in his wheelchair (blue), he likes swimming (green), he likes spaghetti (orange).

Spread the newspaper on the tables. Pour some salt in the middle and rub at the salt with a coloured chalk until the salt turns colour! Pour the coloured salt into the jar and repeat until the jar is full. Nb. make sure the jar is full to the top before putting on the lid tightly or the colours will run into each other.

Use the stickers to label the jar with the meaning of the colours as a reminder.

Group leaders usually find that siblings find this activity very absorbing. It also tends to generate a lot of discussion. Siblings keep the jars for years!