Sibling group leaders

Whether you are setting up a sibling group for the first time or have been running groups for many years, this section will give you guidelines and activities to help you run your group


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This reminds siblings that if you think better about yourself, you are more likely to feel able to face difficult times.

You will need

Plain mask shapes (available from art shops or you could make papier mache masks), pens, decorating materials – sequins, feathers etc, mirrors...

How to do it

Ask siblings to write down all of the traits that make them a person and that have helped them in the past e.g. sense of humour, artistic, friendly. Then take the mask and divide it into sections and decorate to represent each trait.

Some siblings may have lots of sections, others just one.

Then siblings try the mask on and look in the mirror, see how it fits, introduce themselves to themselves. If siblings are willing, they can greet each other through the mask and begin to act out these positive traits.

Some siblings love to take the mask home to use as a reminder of their positive traits, others prefer to leave it with group leaders.